Our Story

Summers in the Midwest can be wonderful, and brutal.
After years of covering ourselves with chemically based
insect repellents and sunscreen in order to enjoy beautiful
days outside with our families, we knew we could do better.

We began as an offshoot of a contract manufacturing
company based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We used our experience
creating products for nationally known brands
to create ingredient-conscious products that we would feel
safe using on our own families
. And, because we are practical
Midwesterners, we also wanted to offer these products at
a lower price than other natural and organic brands.

Not all “CLEAN” products are the same.

What makes a product safe? Or earth-friendly? Or effective? Or “clean”?
The information out there (and lack thereof) is overwhelming. We do our research to try and find the best balance
between ingredient safety, effectiveness, planet preservation and affordability. We believe all families
deserve access to products that balance all these important factors.

You should also know – our products are approved by groups including the
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

Doing our part… Because it’s the right thing to do.

We practice sustainability where we can – a butterfly preserve and no-mow area outside our facility, recycling program inside our facility, and ingredient sourcing that preserves the planet and smart labor practices all over the globe.

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